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FA Global Patient Registry

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Information on Individuals Enrolled in the Registry


Welcome to the FA Global Patient Registry.

The purpose of the registry is to collect some basic information on individuals with FA. This information will be used to facilitate and expedite clinical trials and get us all closer to treatments for FA. Basically, this is a way for you to get your name and contact information to researchers who will be conducting clinical research trials. Recruitment for clinical trials can often take a long period of time especially for a rare disease like FA. Your participation in this registry could help speed up that process considerably, because your information would be shared with scientists and companies recruiting patients for FA clinical trials in the near future.

This registry is only for individuals diagnosed with Friedreich's ataxia.

Preparing to register: When you register you will be asked about your contact information and about your diagnosis. For example, there are questions about your age of onset and genetic testing for FA. For individuals less than 18 years of age, we request that your parent or guardian provide consent for entrance into the registry.

Information on Registry Participants

Number of Individuals Enrolled in the Patient Registry: 3779

Geographic Information on Individuals in Registry

expand United States1770
expand Brazil525
expand Canada130
expand United Kingdom119
expand Australia109
expand India105
expand Spain98
expand France84
expand Turkey82
expand Italy73
expand Ireland54
expand Mexico40
expand Argentina34
expand Germany34
expand Greece33
expand Sweden31
expand South Africa29
expand Colombia26
expand Netherlands25
expand Chile21
expand New Zealand21
expand Portugal21
expand Belgium19
expand Switzerland16
expand Iran15
expand Norway15
expand Pakistan15
expand Albania12
expand Egypt12
expand Serbia12
expand Venezuela12
expand Austria10
expand Romania10
expand Croatia9
expand Lebanon9
expand Poland9
expand Algeria7
expand Denmark7
expand Morocco7
expand Saudi Arabia7
expand Bulgaria6
expand Russia6
expand Slovenia6
expand Cyprus5
expand Israel5
expand Czech Republic4
expand Dominican Republic4
expand Ecuador4
expand Jordan4
expand Peru4
expand Tunisia4
expand Uruguay4
expand Bahrain3
expand Bolivia3
expand China3
expand Hungary3
expand Palestinian Territory, Occupied3
expand Bosnia and Herzegovina2
expand Iraq2
expand Kosovo2
expand Lithuania2
expand Mozambique2
expand Nepal2
expand Qatar2
expand Scotland2
expand Seychelles2
expand Sudan2
expand Syria2
expand Ukraine2
expand Yemen2
expand Afghanistan1
expand Armenia1
expand Costa Rica1
expand Cuba1
expand Finland1
expand Hong Kong1
expand Indonesia1
expand Isle of Man1
expand Libya1
expand Macedonia1
expand Panama1
expand Paraguay1
expand Philippines1
expand Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1
expand Sri Lanka1